Nancy’s Garden

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Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens 8525 Garland Road Dallas, Texas 75218

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Max Occupancy 50 persons

Performance, Rehearsal, Exhibition, Studio Art, Meetings / Meetups, Workshops / Classes, Office Space, Events, Screening, Readings, Retail, Film Location, Outdoor Spaces


Dance, Theater, Music, Visual Arts, Photography, Circus Arts


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The Space

This garden is available for Daytime ONLY.

A treasured area of the Dallas Arboretum, Nancy’s Garden is blanketed by soft pink crape myrtles and azaleas, and is filled with seasonal pastel color annually.

Summer brings Nancy’s Garden to life with bursts of color from the azaleas. This garden is also beautiful for a quiet moment in the warm north Texas fall.

Located within the DeGolyer Gardens, this space was originally Mrs. Nell DeGolyer’s personal garden. In 1986, the garden was renovated and dedicated to the children of Nancy Dillard Lyon. The Bill Dillard Family renovated the plantings and lighting of this peaceful area, which now includes child-sized benches as well as the sculpture Thank Heaven for Little Girls by Gary Price.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

8525 Garland Road Dallas, Texas 75218

The Building

Your guests will soak in the serene atmosphere, feeling of nature, and beautiful architecture at the Dallas Arboretum. Whether you’re here for a meeting, event, party, or banquet, our lush gardens, and historic homes serve as the perfect backdrop. Our venues are the perfect location for any size group. Various indoor and outdoor locations are available for rent across the Arboretum’s 66 acres. Our professional team can help plan your next gathering, lecture, birthday party, bridal luncheon, wedding or other public and private events. Whatever the occasion, let our talented staff bring your vision to life.


Parking is always included in any private rental.

Please do not park in the neighborhoods surrounding the Arboretum. The streets have tow-away zone signage and the Arboretum upholds this request from our neighbors.


On-site security

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Listing updated 09/03/20 • Added 08/25/20

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