McCasland Sunken Garden

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Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens 8525 Garland Road Dallas, Texas 75218

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Max Occupancy 125 persons

Performance, Rehearsal, Exhibition, Studio Art, Meetings / Meetups, Workshops / Classes, Office Space, Events, Screening, Readings, Retail, Outdoor Spaces


Dance, Theater, Music, Visual Arts, Photography, Circus Arts


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The Space

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This garden is available for Daytime and Evening.

This garden is beautiful all year, but especially shines in the spring and summer, when it blossoms with verdant life. Guests take a lot of photos and selfies here, sit for a spell and relax, soak in the cooling effects of the fountain and afternoon shade, and enjoy private events and weddings.

Tom and Phyllis McCasland have a special affinity for the Dallas Arboretum. Their 2006 contribution, the McCasland Sunken Garden, is evidence of their commitment to the continued expansion of the Arboretum. The McCasland Sunken Garden, designed by Warren Johnson of Fallcreek Gardens, is a renovation and upgrade of the original Sunken Garden. The central aisle, lined with Italian jardinières, leads down a series of steps towards a sunlit grass court surrounded by seasonal plantings.

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Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

8525 Garland Road Dallas, Texas 75218

The Building

Your guests will soak in the serene atmosphere, feeling of nature, and beautiful architecture at the Dallas Arboretum. Whether you’re here for a meeting, event, party, or banquet, our lush gardens, and historic homes serve as the perfect backdrop. Our venues are the perfect location for any size group. Various indoor and outdoor locations are available for rent across the Arboretum’s 66 acres. Our professional team can help plan your next gathering, lecture, birthday party, bridal luncheon, wedding or other public and private events. Whatever the occasion, let our talented staff bring your vision to life.


Parking is always included in any private rental.

Please do not park in the neighborhoods surrounding the Arboretum. The streets have tow-away zone signage and the Arboretum upholds this request from our neighbors.


On-site security

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Listing updated 09/03/20 • Added 08/25/20

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