Large Meeting Room

  • Hourly rental available

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Parking Onsite parking (free)
Flooring Other flooring
Seating Flexible seating

Performance, Rehearsal, Meetings / Meetups, Workshops / Classes, Events, Readings


Dance, Theater, Music, Visual Arts

Hourly Rental

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Rental Requirements

Available upon request

Rules & Regulations
The Basics
Shared bathrooms
Air conditioned
Tables and chairs
Self catering allowed
Fireside Recreation Center

8601 Fireside Dr, Dallas, TX 75217, USA

The Building

Fireside Recreation Center is located in the Pleasant Grove area off 175 and Prairie Creek. The recreation center was built in 1971 and the dedication was January 23, 1972. The park contains a prehistoric Indian site which is registered with the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory in Austin Texas. Major renovation was done to the center in 1999.


Onsite parking lot

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Listing updated 12/10/19 • Added 12/08/19

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