Large Meeting Room

  • Hourly rental available

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Accessibility Accessible parking
No stairs
Parking Onsite parking (free)
Lighting Natural lighting
Flooring Wood floors
Seating Flexible seating

Performance, Rehearsal, Exhibition, Meetings / Meetups, Workshops / Classes, Events, Screening, Readings


Dance, Theater, Music, Visual Arts, Photography

The Space

Beautiful large room with wood floors. Has 3 partitions so that the room can be split into three sections.

Hourly Rental

Contact the space for rates

Rental Requirements

Available upon request

Rules & Regulations
The Basics
Shared bathrooms
Air conditioned
Commercial kitchen
Tables and chairs
Self catering allowed
Jaycee Zaragoza Recreation Center

3114 Clymer St, Dallas, TX 75212, USA

The Building

Jaycee Zaragoza Recreation Center was in 1962 and was one of the first “modern” recreation centers to be built by the City of Dallas. The center design was not the standard plan; it was designed explicitly for the area to be served, focusing on a community service concept. The original center was set up to provide not only recreation activities but also had a dental clinic and limited medical services. The Park was named Jaycee Park after the family that donated the land and in July of 1987 was renamed to Jaycee-Zaragoza Park. In 2012 the center received a major renovation that include a new 2500 square foot addition along with a commercial kitchen upgrade, new computer lab, upgraded commercial fitness equipment, refinished gym floor, gym storage closet, roof repairs, electrical upgrade, drainage repairs, all completed with new tile, paint and molding throughout. Come by and check out this fabulous facility!

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Listing updated 12/11/19 • Added 12/11/19

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